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Dreams are very important in our lives. Dreams are the insights, the blows from another dimension that reverberate in our souls.

From dreams, we walk, we take our first steps, we reached achievements and to start over to dream, weaving our lives.

So it was with the People of Aruanda. It started with a dream, an echo of a large colony in the astral from where spirits turned to rescue of those fallen in the deepest depths of lost boundaries between worlds, under the tutelage of powerful guardians.

So, the dream, the dream of spreading ideas and knowledge of the spiritual world news, fundamentals, reasons, truths, multiplying in many stories, interviews, discussions, as if this were a school, preparing the current embodied to the ceaseless work other side.

People of Aruanda spread worldwide, won nine (9) million hits and I hope that each one has taken to itself a lesson, a fragment of an idea, the reunion with yourself or with the religion, regained faith, respect, have debated with himself and with many, has studied, researched, sought temple to work.

Many, I believe, is in fact engaged, if that was his destination, with the enormous job of being a medium of Umbanda, working tirelessly inside and outside their spiritual temple, during wakefulness and sleep, a kind of priesthood. Others were able to get assistance moral, spiritual, health, to his inner life.

People of Aruanda also earned some enemies along the way, because nobody can please all, but it is a group, a egregore already been consolidated in this plan and remains providing information, promoting events, a kind of safe haven, whether stormy days, but also in the open Sun, full of joy.

But Aruanda’s People continues strong in another sphere, illuminated with guides working under the guidance of the Orishas, under the ensign of Charity and Love. Charity and Love are brothers. Beautiful words and easy to understand, yet difficult to achieve in this Cold Earth, where we are so imperfect, and crushed with an ambiance so cloudy.

We believe there is much more than the illusion of our senses, this pseudo routine each. We believe that fate’s wheel is turning, and much of the internal vibration of each is moving positively or negatively the course of lives.

There is an invisible chain linking all embodied, through tasks to be done, battles to be fought, walls to be overcome, redemptions to be achieved, issues to be resolved, reunions, buildings … Hence, there is not even coincidence. What are our actions identify with our mission, we understand the importance and value of life, with all the difficulties, with the awareness that everything is part of growth. And turn away from these lessons, limit the opportunities for personal growth.

If one has not met, not yet found its equilibrium and path, there will not still be able to help anyone around you, later without feeling limited, or wronged in some way. In fact one will be more in need of help, rather than helps.

On the other hand, the one that decided to act and move on to the missionary work of Charity and Love waves that Umbanda, can not get to complain and feel worthy of extra benefits. It will be like every one, just a little more enlightened, so glimpsing the way of Happiness, natural, fluid and spontaneous.

So I learned and I believe that each reader will also, each time become more selfless and pursue your Happiness. I am no better than anyone but I seek the crumbs of Light that our blessed mentors wave, so lovingly, never denying that the path is work, work, work. Mental working, spiritual working, which is reflected in everyday life, in the meetings, the disagreements, in the many events and choices of each day, which only watch and learn if we are vigilant and alert.

But it all starts in the first step…

Alex de Oxóssi
Rio Bonito – RJ

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